SALAJNA COUNTRY ESTATE - Family boarding-house - Accommodation in the country estate

SALAJNA COUNTRY ESTATE - Family boarding-house - Accommodation in the country estate in western Bohemia

Karlovy Vary Region, in which Salajna is situated, lies in the most western part of the Czech Republic, almost on the border with Germany. This area belongs to the region with a large concentration of sights, a rich offer of experiences and learning and natural beauty spots, therefore very attractive for tourists.

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Nearest surroundings of the estate

The immediate surroundings of the estate are suitable for pleasant outings in the open air. Almost directly from the estate there are path ways along which you can get into the woods e.g. to pick up mushrooms, pick blueberries (Salajna is known for blueberry picking) or watch the wildlife.
The community is cut through by cycling-trails No.36 and No.604. Along the cycling-paths you can easily reach nearby Germany (especially Bavaria, but also the farther Saxony), the trails lead along the former border roads – more in the chapter Biking tourism and tourism.
Salajna is a community which is small as for the number of inhabitants but yet it is almost two kilometres long. Through the village, along the brook, leads a newly repaired thoroughfare with asphalt surface suitable for walking or in-line roller skating.


The community of Salajna lies practically in the centre of a spa “quadrangle” – Karlovy Vary (40 km), Mariánské Lázně (20 km), Františkovy Lázně (20 km) and Lázně Kynžvart (5 km). The fact, that it is a really unique concentration of world-known spas means that this configuration of spa towns (except Lázně Kynžvart) was included among candidates for registration in UNESCO List of cultural and natural heritage.
All these spa towns in our region are beautiful and unique. Their visit is more than recommendable!


Lovers of history really have something to choose from:

In Kynžvart, apart from the spa establishments, you can visit Chateau Kynžvart, national cultural sight, bearer of Evropa Nostra Award, with its extraordinarily precious collections including the Curiosity Chamber.

Doubrava – country reservation, a presentation of the original folk architecture of West Bohemia like Salajna or Nový Drahov. In Rustler´s Estate there is an exhibition of agricultural tools and painted furniture of the period as well as a restaurant with outstanding cuisine.

Cheb, a town of almost one thousand-year history, is nowadays a major cultural and historic centre of Karlovy Vary Region. Cheb can provide not only a castle from early 12th century, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque church and civic houses but also revitalized banks of the river Ohře which are definitely worth seeing (see the photo).

Františkovy Lázně – a town reservation with well-kept typical spa architecture dating back to late 18th and the first half of 19th centuries.

Castle Seeberg (Ostroh) with an interesting exhibition of furniture, interior and clothes from 19th century and the exposition of life of country people.

Nový Drahov – a country reservation, another example of the original local folk architecture.

Maria Loreto – a fine Baroque place of pilgrimage in Starý Hrozňatov, and a castle rebuilt into a chateau of Starý Hrozňatov (closed to the public).

Vildštejn Castle in Skalná – a Romanesque castle, one of the oldest in Cheb region.

Loket Castle – a beautiful castle and a nice historic town water-locked by the river Ohře.

Chlum sv. Máří – a building complex of a former cloister, one of the most notable and most beautiful Baroque areas in our country.

Castle and Chateau Bečov with a precious historic relic – the reliquary of St. Maurus; sightseeing for children.

Mariánské Lázně – here, too, you can admire beautiful and luxurious spa houses and pavilions in extensive parks.

Premonstratensian Abbey of Teplá in the vicinity of Mariánské Lázně; the sightseeing tours include the Romanesque-Gothic church of Annunciation of Our Lady and a library with a pre-cious collection of incunabula, open to the public is also a well-preserved cloister garden.

Biking tourism and tourism

The area of Salajna and its surroundings are suitable for biking tourism. Right through the village there leads the national biking trail Nr.36 – Arterial Road Bohemian Forest – Krušné hory Mountains– which after some kilometres joins to the European trail EuroVelo 13 – Path of Iron Curtain.
Along the regional biking trail Nr.604, leading directly through the village, you can get to Kynšperk and farther you can go on following the main biking path along the river Ohře as far as Karlovy Vary.
Attractive are also biking trails in the surroundings of Lázně Kynžvart, Mariánské Lázně or Cheb. Especially for families with children we recommend the main biking path along the river Ohře.
If our guests do not have their own bikes, we can offer some for hire.

The village outskirts are also suitable for tourists. Right away from the boarding-house you may join the European long-distance trail E3. This trail is but one of few possibilities how to enjoy fell-walking. Localities are extremely rich in tourist trails and interesting natural sights in the area of Bohemian Forest, in which Salajna is situated, and Slavkovský Forest lying just a few kilometres away.

Tip for a walking tour: You can make an interesting trip up to the mysterious mountain Dyleň lying on the very border of Czechia with neighbouring Germany. Due to this fact, in the period of tough communism, a tower was built here to monitor radio operation in Bavaria. You can reach the top of Dyleň following the red mark that is connected with the top stage of the tourist trail marked yellow (about 10 km from Salajna).

Swimming possibilities

The nearest possible swimming or rather paddling is in the adjacent brook.

Weather permitting, we recommend swimming in the near dam of Jesenice (5 km) with several beaches (camping sites Václav, Dřenice, Karel and Rybářská bašta). Jesenice Dam belongs to the cleanest water basins in the Czech Republic.

You can enjoy very pleasant swimming in the natural swimming pool Michal near Sokolov (30 km) – clean water, perfect background with a number of attractions for children.

In bad weather unsuitable for swimming in the open air, we recommend the visit to Aquaforum in Františkovy Lázně.

Trips with children

If you spend your holiday with children and they want more than running in the woods or swimming in the brook, you might appreciate some tips for outings.

A great place for families with children is the near town of Františkovy Lázně where, apart from strolling through the spa parks, there is the fine Aquapark ( which is worth visiting. An exciting attraction for children is a sightseeing tour by micro-train to the fish-pond Amerika where you can visit a zoo or hire a boat for rowing on the water, too.

In another spa town, Mariánské Lázně, lying near, you will not get bored either. You can go by a tourist-train through the spa centre (, visit Proud, the rope playground ( or take a cable-way to get from Koliba restaurant up to the Hotel Krakonoš where you can see a sculpture paradise near the hotel or the well-known Boheminiumpark with miniatures of historic or other major buildings in Czechia, e.g. Castle Karlštejn, Chateau Červená Lhota, lookout tower on top of Ještěd Mountain etc. (

The near historic town of Cheb offers the children the newly reconstructed area Krajinka – about 1 km long sector along the Ohře arranged for rest and entertainment ( Worth seeing are collections of the Regional Museum Cheb with the exhibition of Albrecht of Wallenstein, marshal of emperor´s troops, Regional Gallery of Plastic Arts Cheb and Gallery 4 – a photo gallery, the only of this kind in the Czech Republic (

Bernard Country Estate – a newly reconstructed estate in the style of folk architecture, centre of traditional crafts. It provides the children with examples of beekeeper´s activities, a classroom of ecology, children´s craftsman workshops, entertaining instructional centre of the river Ohře. Cultural events often take place here (

Small natural scientists may like Motýlí dům (Butterfly House) near Františkovy Lázně ( or the natural reservation SOOS (

If there is a motorcyclist in your family, we recommend the visit to Kartarena Ypsilonka near Jesenice Dam, the largest and most modern cart circuit in the Czech Republic. Among others, cart hire is at your disposal here (


In Karlovy Vary Region there are 10 golf courses nowadays, seven of them are 18-hole courses. The nearest, Golf Club Kynžvart, lies only 8 km from our boarding-house. Royal Golf Club Mariánské Lázně is 20 km away.

Border crossings

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